Private Transport by Minivan is Now available!

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Anyone who would like to visit our hotel Koh Mak Burihut Natural Resort on Koh Mak can now book private minivan from Pattaya to Trad province. Our driver will help you purchase ferry tickets and make sure you get on the right ferry or boat, that will take you to the island of Koh Mak. Once you are on the island, our hotel staff will pick you up from the pier and take you to our resort. This is a very convenient “door to door” service!

What to remember:

1. There are 10 seats in the minivan including the one next to the driver. It means that our minivan can comfortably sit 10 people without lagguage. If you are coming with a lot of language, we will fold back 4 seats flat to accommodate our suitcases and bags, and take up to 6 people. And one more thing: two front seats are massage chairs! So you can get a massage on the way to the island – how cool is that?!
3. Please pre-pay for your transfer in Pattaya.
4. To get a transfer you will need to have a room booked at Koh Mak Burihut Natural Resort on arrival date.
5. We do not offer transfer to other hotels or islands, sorry.
6. Minivan will pick you up from wherever in Pattaya you are located. We are easy!

To book transfer please call 080 097 88 77 (English & Thai)